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Open Recycling

For the second consecutive year, Mondialcarta S.p.A. is participating in the “Open Recycling” project organized by the Comieco consortium during Paper Week, opening its doors to schools interested in learning about the paper recovery and recycling process.

Italy is a “recycling” country, as it’s known, and Italians are among the best in Europe at separating and recycling paper and cardboard, with an annual collection exceeding 3.6 million tons.

However, not everyone knows the journey of paper after it’s thrown into the bin, how it’s reborn to return to our hands in the form of boxes, newspapers, bags, or notebooks, and how we can further improve our commitment.

To address questions, stimulate curiosity, and unveil the “secrets” of the world of paper, especially regarding its recycling and separate collection, Paper Week returns from April 15th to 21st. This national campaign is organized by Comieco in collaboration with the Federation of Paper and Graphics, Assocarta, Assografici, Unirima, and with the endorsement of ANCI, the Ministry of the Environment and Energy Safety, and Rai for Sustainability.

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